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The wine route

The Var region is home to many quality wine estates, you will be able to take advantage of this exceptional heritage and discover some of the best estates:

The most beautiful estates to visit:

Domaine des Beaucas - St Maxime

Overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, this beautiful property exudes the gentle Provencal way of life. "Wine is not a job like any other: it is a vocation and a passion" according to the Roynette family.

The 10 hectares of the estate are treated by hand and in small boxes.

Contact us :

Manager : Encarnacion ROYNETTE

Lieu-dit Les Beaucas CD44

83120 Sainte Maxime

04 94 40 73 76

Domaine de la Giscle - Cogolin

It is an estate that reveals to its guests the behind-the-scenes of the wine. Welcoming, convivial, colourful... These are just a few words that characterise the estate. You come to taste the wine but also to understand it by visiting the wine-making cellar.

For certain footbridges, Pierre Audemard has chosen the Enherbement Naturel Maitrisé. This process consists of planting a plant cover (clover, chickweed, etc.) that is not competitive for the vines in order to control the development of the latter. It calms the vigour of the vine, destroying its yield without depriving it of water. The result is convincing: improvement of the soil structure and the sanitary state of the harvest, respect for the axillary fauna and a reduction in the use of herbicides.

Contact :

Manager : Pierre Audemard

Hamlet of the Admiralty Route de Collobrières

83310 Cogolin

04 94 43 21 26

Château Minuty - Gassin

On the Saint-Tropez peninsula, Minuty has been cultivating family spirit since 1936. François and Jean-Etienne aim to constantly improve the exceptional terroir that has been handed down to them by producing elegant, particularly sought-after juices.

To guarantee quality in the long term, the siblings have adopted the principles of sustainable agriculture, renouncing the use of weed killers and insecticides.

Contact us :

Manager : Francois Maton

2491 Route de la Berle

83580 Gassin

04 94 56 12 09

Domaine de la Rouillère - Gassin

In Gassin, Bertrand Letartre produces wines that have temperament.

The winegrower had the idea of setting up his tasting cellar by the roadside, in a small wooden house, open from 9am to 8pm. A real practical and quick refuelling point. In 5 minutes you are sure to leave with your happiness.

Contact us :

Manager : Bertrand and Magalie Letartre

Route de Ramatuelle department 61

83580 Gassin

04 94 55 72 60

Vineyards of Ramatuelle - Ramatuelle

Since 1954, independent winegrowers have come together to live off the fruit of the earth and produce typical nectars, strongly marked by the schistous terroir and the influence of the Saint-Tropez peninsula.

With a beautifully decorated cellar, they offer for sale many local products, some of which come from independent winegrowers and farmers (sparkling wines, vinegars, oils, jams, ...).

Contact :

Person in charge : Gérald Lattugoni

597 Route de Collebasse

83350 Ramatuelle

04 94 55 59 05

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