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Opening of activities on the Côte d’Azur

With the announcement of the deconfliction, activities on the Côte d’Azur resurface.

This summer, the Côte d’Azur will once again become a land of water sports: electric surfing, paddle stepper, wingfoil, transparent kayak, etc.

Want to take advantage of the new activities and get your adrenaline flowing?

We have put together a small selection for you in the Var region. Let’s go!


Transparent kayaking on the French Riviera

Discover the seabed and enjoy the pleasures of the water with your family or friends without putting your head in the water, it’s possible with a transparent kayak.

This kayak, more than original, is distinguished by its completely transparent hull created thanks to polycarbonate technology, a high-tech material designed for aeronautics. Observe the seabed at more than 20 meters with breathtaking visibility a without distortion.


Electric surfing

Electric surfing is the most popular water sport in the Var. There are even international competitions dedicated to surfing but also to electric surfing.

Thanks to new technologies, electric gives a modern touch to this sport. First time you hear about this practice? We will tell you what you need to know.

Electric surfboards are floating that depend on the battery. The motor makes it possible to move on the water. As you can see, all you need is calm water to practice this activity.

Depending on your level, the speed should vary from 30 to more than 50km/h for the most experienced.


The paddle stepper

This is the new thing now. This variant allows you to pedal rather than paddle. It has handlebars to steer the board like a scooter on the water. It is a practice, accessible to all, which combines relaxation and fitness.

The paddle stepper is like a classic paddle with handlebars. It is connected to the rudder to ensure more balance and stability. To move forward, nothing could be easier, you just must pedal, like on bike. It is ideal for shaping your body or for working your thighs and calves.

It is an activity that can be practiced with the whole family. In fact, the paddle stepper is suitable for those who are not so j-keen on the sea.

There is even a giant paddle for 10 people!

This allows you to practice this activity with your friends. This platform has 5 paddling places on each side and the most tired can position themselves in the center of the paddle.



This ultra-trendy activity is creating a buzz on social networks. It consists of sailing on a board, equipped with a foil propelled by an inflatable wing held directly in the user’s hands.

Easy or difficult?

It all depends on your experience in board sports. If you have used a foil before, then flying a wingfoil will be a simple formality.

Wingfoil is still very intuitive and accessible to sportsmen. The important thing is to try it in the right conditions, with flat water and a steady wind of 15 to 20 knots. This is ideal for the practice of this sport.


The Flying Sailor

The Flying Sailor is an activity that allows you to discover, by parasailing, the varied landscape of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez: the mythical village of Grimaud, the Bay of Cannebiers, Port Grimaud, Sainte-Maxime and its surroundings.

Thanks to their experience in the field, The Flying Sailor can also become a school of water skiing, Wake surfing, Wake boarding but also of Wake Foil.


The "Coches d’eau"

This activity allows you to navigate the canals of the port of Grimaud in silence and with respect for the environment.

Open from mid-February to mid-November, the “Coches d’eau” will provide you with a pleasant twenty-minute stroll through the town of Grimaud.

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